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Gareth Morgan calls cat lobby feral, self-centered and balmy and compares them to the gun lobby


Gareth Morgan has told The Atlantic that he thinks the cat lobby, who argue against his call for cats to be eliminated from New Zealand are feral, self-centered and balmy and compares them to the gun lobby in the US.

In response to questioning by The Atlantic he said “The cat lobby here is just as feral, self-centered and as balmy as your gun lobby is”.

Earlier he made the comment that “Because we have virtually no obligations on cat owners (bit like you guys with your guns) and so people own them, abandon them, and generally take no responsibility for the unintended consequences of their actions. The most oft-heard and erroneous utterance we get here from cat owners is, “Oh but my pussy only kills rats and mice, he’d never harm a native bird.” As you can see this denial verges on explicit stupidity.”

Morgan has become increasingly erratic in recent days with utterances against cat lovers and their cats and also fans of his football club which is currently in the doldrums after Morgan ordered changes to their playing which resulted in a severe slump in form.

Calling his fans stupid and unsophisticated was probably not wise but calling cat lovers “feral, self-centered and as balmy” as the gun lobby int eh US perhaps shows the man is under some strain.

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  1. Mabye Gareth would change his tune if cats had LIPS!


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