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So said the Roy Morgan poll.

Emboldened Green co-leader Metiria Turei shoved aside her education spokesperson to lead the charge against charter schools and pave the way to becoming education minister in 2014.

Any charter school would be turned into a state school under her direction, she threatened. In other words she’d remove the “greater flexibility in exchange for greater accountability of educational outcomes” promised to partnership schools.

Before the initiative has chance to prove itself, the Greens (and Labour) would trample it dead.
What else could we expect from such a government?

Certainly more tax. A capital gains tax and probably increases in income tax.

This despite only half of NZ households effectively paying any income tax (the other half gets more in welfare benefits and tax credits than it pays in income tax.)

National kept Working For Families but that’s no longer enough. The Greens want higher benefit rates, a universal child benefit, child-support to go directly to custodial parents instead of to offset the DPB bill, and that’s just their income support policy.

It will all need more revenue. That won’t come from a bigger workforce because they’ll also scrap any “forced work for the dole” and “work-testing on the DPB”.

This fool’s paradise the Green’s would engineer is unfathomable.

But their influence in a coalition reliant on their support mustn’t be under-estimated.

It’s probably scaring the crap out of Labour leader David Shearer whose grip on reality seems somewhat tighter.

But sitting at 13.5 percent of the party vote consistently and having MPs with profiles that outshine his own lack lustre team, means the Greens will have considerable clout.

New Zealand has survived Labour and National governments.

But I’m not sure it can survive a government held to ransom by this band of socialist extremists.


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